July 21 – and so it goes…

Well, I’ve been very busy at my computer the past few days as I’m ill 😦 waiting on blood test results to hopefully rule out glandular fever so I can go back to work and more importantly TRAINING!!!! I’ve had laryngitis also, which is a bit concerning as we have preview shows for Shhh… next week in Inverurie and I currently can’t sing – bit of an issue when you’re one of the main characters! BUT I will keep drinking my ribena and penicillin (which stinks btw) and hopefully it’ll be back by Sunday 🙂

Also in the process of trying to figure out how to get a chinese visa for the World Championships in Beijing – not the easiest thing to do, considering you have to firstly obtain an invitation to China!!! I rarely get invited to weddings nevermind CHINA?! Talking of weddings, I’d quite like to go to a wedding but none of my friends seem to be getting married yet…so if you have a wedding to go to and need a plus one….. 🙂

Well, I shall get back to studying now and drinking ribena

Lisa x

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