July 22 – D-Day…

Good Morning 🙂

Well, today is finally here, the day where I get told whether I have to stay off work, training, music, socialising, everything pretty much for the next few weeks…. or if I can get back to my normal busy life. I’m very confident that I’ll be ok….

Well day two of eating a healthier, immune boosting diet and by that I mean honey on gluten free toast. The only thing with honey is that you start off with it on your toast, by the end of your ‘meal’ its in your hair, all over your fingers, on your neck, on your elbow….it’s everywhere! But healthiness comes first so I shall persevere 🙂 and maybe start eating over the sink wearing marigolds???

Off to fill out forms for my america travels and chase up on my invite to China…. maybe I have to form a bond first? Is sending a basket of mini muffins too much?

Lisa x

One comment

  1. Gran Susdorf

    Good you are feeling better- laughed at the picture you portrayed of eating honey! ope all goes well today
    Love you
    Gran xx

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