July 23 – what a day…

I’d like to start this blog by acknowledging the tragic and deeply saddening events that have happened in Norway over the past 24hours. It’s really too sad to comprehend fully and my heartfelt thoughts go out to the families and friends of those who were lives were stolen so needlessly. RIP.


Well, it’s been a horrendous week but I’m very glad to say that I do not have glandular fever! Just a yucky laryngitis so thank goodness for that. A few more days of stinky penecillin I’ll be right as rain!

Very exciting news today, I have gained a new corporate sponsor in Freelance World 🙂 who have made a generous contribution to help towards my World Championship event in Beijing! Big Thank you to them!! (New sponsor link in sidebar so check them out)

Aah, Beijing, and your incredibly strict and difficult visa process!

Well, it’s a Saturday night and a mixture of having been ill this past week and also being an athlete, I find myself in on a Saturday night.  I wonder how many of my other Tri friends can relate to this familiar trend… I do believe that my weekends are hugely productive as I’m not suffering and wasting a whole day on a Sunday due to an over consumption of a highly toxic conglomerate of alcoholic beverages ( <- get me), instead I can work, train, do the shopping, catch up on emails, write my blog, then on Sunday train, race, maybe work (that’s not actually fun on a Sunday though) catch up with friends for tea, go the cinema, and enjoy it all! Maybe I’m getting boring but I actually enjoy my ‘full’ weekends this way. Love to race. Love to train. And when you live in the most beautiful part of the world (when it’s sunny) I couldn’t think of any other way I’d rather enjoy it than cycling through the rural countryside or running over mountainous terrain with countless breathtaking views.

That’s not to say that after Beijing and before I head over to the states that I will be all up for a big party and hope that you all (tri, cycling and running friends included!) will join me in a rather big ‘sesh’.

I’d like to also thank my boyfriend Adam for his excellent patience and nursing skills this week looking after me. Never has anyone made so many cups of hot ribena or cheese on toast quite as well. Thank you Adam 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of the topics discussed in this post so please comment away 🙂


*post dedicated to the lost children of the Norway shooting*



  1. dadcanfixit

    I would also agree how tragic the events of Norway are. All down to one, possibly two individuals have taken away the gift of life from so many and caused such widespread tragedy, grief and loss. And it was all so unnecessary…

    Congratulations on your new sponsor!

    Dad x

  2. Ads

    Thanks for the mention Lisa ;-)!

    And well done on the sponsor indeed, hopefully some more can come in and Beijing will be less of a stress so you can enjoy the experience more 🙂 xxxxx

  3. Gran Susdorf

    Great news about the sponsor Lisa! However the tragedy in Norway overshadows everything today. Those poor children in particular -simply attending a summer camp! My heart goes out to them and to their loved ones. The Norwegians have always been our allies so we need to help them in their time of need.
    Any further on with the Visa?? Everyone must have the same problem?!
    Love youxx

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