July 30 – what a week!!!….

In the height of our Aberdeen summer, in a week of grey days, and chilly nights, the sun seems to now be making an appearance…thank goodness.

In other news, I have now been officially invited to China…best biggest invite ever…hands down!! Now I just need to figure out the next part…actually acquiring the visa. Will attempt this with Chinese embassy on Monday. Have only really tried to call china once before and that was for my sister Jessica’s birthday as one of her 20 challenges. We tried ordering pizza from pizza hut in beijing, but a distinct language barrier and time difference hindered our plans.

I’m now back in the full swing of training after illness and very happy to be too! Tomorrow I will be competing in the Scottish Team Time Trial Championships in Glenrothes with my super duper DTCC teammates, Laura Sarkis and Cathy Wyse. 28 miles of cycling in chaingang formation (a la tour de france) with the added complication of 18 roundabouts?! This, accompanied a journey leaving aberdeen at 6am should account for an interesting day 🙂

Had to make an interesting phone call this week, which went something like this:

Me: Hello is this the police station

Lady: Yes, can I help you?

Me: Yes…can you take my fingerprints please?

Lady: (awkward pause)….what did you do?

…I then explained that I needed to get this done as I’m moving to practice Physiotherapy in America and they require your fingerprints kept on a database. Big Brother-ish or what?! So now this Wednesday I will be making my way to Edinburgh for our show in the Fringe, looking like a thug having just been fingerprinted by PC McInkster.

Speaking of the show, our preview nights this week in Inverurie went incredibly well! Voice held up through most of it, and now quite excited to go and perform in Edinburgh for 8 nights….remember Shhh… The Musical @ ‘The Space’ 8.10pm 5-13th August (clever plug)

Finally, only two days until me and my mum (affectionally known as Mama Watt) are tackling the Lairig Ghru as a sponsored walk to help raise funds for my event in Beijing. We initially were aiming to complete this 28 mile hike in under 6hours but the competitive spirit inside me thinks maybe 5.5hours is do-able?? Still accepting sponsors for this event, but I would also like to request your guesstimations on our final time?? Please leave a comment on here or on my facebook page, and subscribe to my blog to AUTOMATICALLY be updated with updated blogs from around the world (and Scotland!)

All for now….just need to finish work, finish making my gluten-free jam doughnuts, pack my bike and kit up for tomorrow and catch some Zzz’s…..aah the exciting weekend of an athlete…. yet again…… ❤


  1. Gran Susdorf

    Good luck for the Larig, Lisa- and of course Mama Watt! -Don’t be too hard on her!!
    All the best for “Shh” as well- wish I could be there for it, and to meet you at the other end of the Larig!!
    Will be thinking of you.
    Love Gran xx

  2. Mama Watt

    The 5.5 hour time for Lisa is maybe a do-able doddle? However please remember there is a wifie in her 50th year trying to keep up?!?! 😀

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