July 31 – Happy Birthday Bro

Happy Birthday to my super brother David!!!!


Well our team came a very strong 6th today at the TTT Championships! Great ride with excellent team effort!!! Have to say my derrier was less than comfortable after drive down, cycle, then drive back up! Muscles a tad sore!! Mild panic on the way home when crossing Tay Bridge when 3 high rise blocks of flats blew up!! the crowd on the opposite side of the river and amount of calm police people indicated that it was probably planned though….quite cool to watch however! Amazing how quickly it happens too! Explosion, building bursts into dust and then nothing there! Almost magic…maybe it was?… i need sleep :/

Now to recover and get ready for this sponsored 28mile jog/walk tomorrow… something tells me this is ain’t gonna be easy!!! Had a great track session yesterday with my coach Ken Bryson, feeling my running really coming together now and these sessions are great for pushing that extra bit! Along with the great company and post workout hot chocolate , it’s quickly becoming my favourite weekly session! Comment topic of the day: What’s your favourite recovery drink/food?

Would like to say a BIG well done to my friend Hannah Miley on winning silver medal for the 400m I.M in the World Swimming Championships!!! Great achievement and brilliant stepping stone before Olympics next year!! C’mon Hannah!!!

Off to prepare for a typical 4-seasons-in-one-day-even-though-its-July-but-hey-its-scotland day tomorrow for our mammoth adventure…..unprepared doesn;t come close…….


  1. Alasdair McGill

    Well done today Lisa! How did you guys get on working as a team? It’s tough, huh!?!

    Fav recovery drink – SIS Rego Strawberry. Nom nom nom……

    • lisatri87

      Worked really well together! A bit gutted there aren’t more events like that we can get involved in! Would probably have done us well if we had had computers or something on our bikes to keep pace/time but we can do that next time.
      Think I may give the Rego a try! 🙂

  2. Mama Watt

    One of the things I LOVE is the way everyone talks about what a lovely person Hannah is? WE know she is and it is good that it is recognised. She deserves all that is good.

    Well done to you as well today!

    Ian Cran’s favourite recovery drink would be a good shiraz? About to ‘recover’ after his mammoth 2 race weekend!!

    Mine would be a freshly made fruit smoothie. 🙂

  3. dadcanfixit

    Hi my favourite food/drink recovery is a close split between an ashvale fish supper with a glass of red wine at home/ or if going out, a lamb madras with Cobra Zero. Dx

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