August 7 – Fringe….Race….Fringe….

What a week!

Monday – Ran(/Walked over boulder field) the Lairig ghru from Aviemore Police station to Braemar Police station….a whopping 28miles! Just about making the 6 hour mark, my legs were definitely feeling the wrath of the miles, but gave me great confidence that my fitness is such that I could actually run a marathon with no training…not well…but I could. However, this increases my 10k confidence so bring on the next standard race.

Tuesday – Get lots of little jobs done, whilst looking out the window at bucketing rain wondering if tonights Time Trial will be a ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’?! Come 5pm I think, no my legs are sore from 28mile run just do an easy cycle in gym and go for a swim. 5.30pm and I’m on my way to TT because I’m a masochistic Triathlete! 9mile TT done and very happy I made the decision. Great new route for Deeside Thistle and definitely one to do next year!!!

Wednesday – 8am @ Queen  Street police station for fingerprinting. Done. Speed session running. Done. Drive to Edinburgh. Done. Run through Shhh… the musical in our shhh… house. Done. Out in the town for a cider quickly followed up by a bottle of water as I remember how seldom I drink any alcohol. Done. Bed (aka sleeping bag on sofa). Done.

Thursday – Joined Bannatyne’s gym to ensure no training is missed and enjoy the added bonus of having a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna to maximise recovery!! Flyering begins down the royal mile and technical rehearsal at Venue 45. Everything going well so we go and see ‘Baby wants Candy’ a brilliant improv musical which is hilarious!!! Well worth a watch but only if you’re in Edinburgh for two nights as it’s on at the same time as Shhh…!!

Friday – First Show…..I forget how to act and sing but struggle through regardless…. glad to be done first show….

Saturday – Second show goes frigging fantastically!!! Great audience, great acting, great singing, great night!! Drive home through torrential rain, flooded motorway and a couple crashes, on a latte and mountain dew singing ‘Schadenfraude’ ….. LONGEST AND SCARIEST DRIVE EVER!!!!

Sunday – Inverurie Triathlon. Still raining. A lot. Swim ok, then jump onto bike and having changed saddle on saturday to realise that it is now too low by about 2 inches!! Complete cycle looking like a BMX’er and then head off for a strong run – took 3/5k to feel my feet again but nevermind. Scalding shower, first place by 9mins and a hot chocolate made up for it! 🙂 Now at my Dad’s for a house cooling party (is that what you call it when you sell??) and then back to Edinburgh first thing tomorrow for Shhh… stages on the royal mile at 3pm and third show at 8.10pm……….

If anyone reads this and then sees me over the next few days/week, please feel free to give me a hug as this madness and mayhem of juggling 101 things does get to me sometimes 😦 however is often alleviated by cuddles, chocolate and starbucks 🙂

ps sorry for an incredibly long blog but its been a LONG week 🙂 xx


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