August 26 – It’s been a while….

Well where has the time gone?!?!?! In fact where has the summer gone?? Or did it ever actually arrive? I don’t know, but somehow it’s nearly September and with just a week and a half before I head off to Beijing reality is finally kicking in!!

Alot to update on:

Visa – finally after getting that lovely invitation from China, my Visa is through so I am definitely allowed to now go there legally 🙂 bonus really, would be a bit awkward otherwise…

Acclimatising: I have done a couple sessions now in the gym wearing a bin bag….now that’s a whole new level of sweating!!! And a whole new level of looking like a tool in the gym but worth it I’d say 🙂

Time Zones: My attempt to try and get on to China time (that’s right 7hours ahead!!!) has kind of failed this week however it was probably a bit early anyway? However as I;m working early shifts over the next couple weeks which start at 5.30am, my plan is to get up at 3am(?) have breakfast, train, work, eat, sleep and repeat. Any other suggestions would be gratefully received! With a 6.30am race start I feel these measures may be neccessary 😦

Kit: Got myself a pair of Compressport calf guards this week….VERY excited to try them out and tomorrow’s track session seems like the perfect time and place to do it 🙂 Might even make me keep up with the mighty Phil Edgely, although I seriously doubt that…the man is fast!

Sponsorship: A huge thank you to Ken Bryson of Total Endurance  for recent financial support which will ensure that my bike can come with me to China 🙂 Not only this but without Ken’s help I would not be where I am today and would not have achieved so much over the past few months so I am very grateful for all his support, guidance and encouragement.

Will leave the blog there just now but will be sure to report back on the super duper calf guards after saturday’s session…excited already! (Sad huh!!) In the mean time relax, take a seat and enjoy the weekend beacuase…


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