September 7th – Hello China

Well…..after a VERY long journey we have now finally arrived at our hotel. With much confusion as we are not anywhere near where we thought we’d be which makes getting around alot more tricky! Nevertheless we have arrived safely WITH luggage and at this stage that’s all we could hope for!

The people here in China are very welcoming and eager to help despite the language barrier but hopefully as more brit’s start to arrive things will become easier.

Its an incredibly cloudy/overcast/smoggy day here in Beijing also, and apparently this is probably this best it’ll get – not  sure what that means…. It is however very warm and muggy so in room with wondows closed and air conditioning ON!

Due to our new hotel difficulties I might leave building bike til later until I can find out where would be best to leave it, but we shall see.

It’s now 3.16pm in China here and I’m not really sure what time my body is on – my watch still says it’s Tuesday but I’m pretty sure it’s not?? But I am doubting myself…….I’ve been up a LONG time. Think I’ll go and investigate things  in a little while. Don’t have facebook here as it’s restricted by CHINA so feel free to post comments or questions on here instead. Would be nice to remain in contact with the world 🙂

I think that very soon an emotional post will be uploaded but I’ll leave that  for now. Speak soon world…..

Lisa x


    • lisatri87

      Thanks guys!! Wish I had the TE crew here too! Going for the swim familiarisation today so we’ll see how that goes! 🙂

      Lisa xx

    • lisatri87

      Thanks Adam ❤ I know me too!! Went out for a run last night and it was fine – air definitely polluted but manageable. Will do. xxxxxxxxxxx

  1. Tim Allen

    Hey Lisa, very glad your safely in China. All the best for the big day.. Can you advise as to where and when we can watch your race? x

    • lisatri87

      Thanks Tim, I’m not sure exactly but if you google beijing triathlon there is an official page and I think you can watch online somehow? the elite event will be on TV though. My race is at 6.30am Sunday but remember we are 7 hours ahead so really it’ll be 11.30pm Saturday! 🙂

      Lisa x

  2. Mum

    Phil – Go to ITU website.
    Lisa – Glad the water wasn’t TOO bad! No wetsuit to deal with in transition has to be good too? xx

  3. Nikki

    Good luck Lisa!! How exciting it all is. All your hard work and dedication will surely get you decent results!! Have the time of your life!! Nikki 🙂

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