September 8th – Wetsuit? What wetsuit?!

Day 2 inChinaand things are hotting up – not the weather fortunately but the excitement for what the next few days will bring!! Today we woke up to quite a hazy day with little actual sunshine and a quite mild temperature. This burned off around 4pm…fine by me when my race is 6.30am! Also quite reduces the chances of getting heat exhaustion from watching the elite mens race on Sunday J


Went to the Shisanling (Ming Tombs) reservoir for the swim familiarisation today. Now I have to be honest this is the part of triathlon that I dislike – open water freaks me out anyway, I’m scared of swimming with live things that are not human, and I’m not very good at it – so this was definitely worth practising before race day. Now inScotlandthe water temperature for open water events seems to range between 10-14 degrees. Here the water is 28degrees! Safe to say wetsuits were banned for use in competition (this happens when water rises above 22degrees). The swim was actually rather pleasant, was a lovely shade of green but clear enough to see your whole arm pull underwater….was quite happy I couldn’t see any deeper to be honest! Water temp was just like swimming in a pool….apart from the green, the strange shaped weeds at the side and the speedboats of course. Anyway it’s all in all do-able. I CAN DO THIS!!!


Registered for race and went to Sprint and Olympic team briefings (actually only listened during Olympic briefing…spent the sprint briefing watching tea leaves float to the bottom of my mug…)


Now as anyone of my siblings would tell you, no visit is complete without a trip to Walmart…even inChina!! But, I now am stocked up on fruit (and M&M’s) so very content.


Night Night China, Good afternoon Scotland and Good morning America x


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  1. Judi (Leonard) Kanne

    Hi Lisa … we are very excited for you and look forward to keeping up with your tales of China … lucky you! Be safe and have a wonderful time. Aunt Judi and Uncle Barry

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