September 9th

Day 3

Sun shining in Changping today, great day for a recce of the bike course. Toddled off with Kathryn up to the race venue before setting off on our own individual course routes (Olympic and Sprint distances racing different routes. As today should of been a rest day I was VERY careful to not go fast at all and quite happily soaked up the idyllic and breathtaking surroundings. Strange little chinese dogs trotting by at the side of the road, rickshaw trailers carrying a load, staggeringly high mountains in the distance with greenery all around. It’s difficult to not become mesmorised by the place!

Met a nice guy half way round and slowly cycled the remainder of the lap of the 3 lap course, including a recce of transition with a flying off transition from a rather steep descent. Something that would make my dear friend Lewis Murchie proud 🙂

In the afternoon I watched the paratriathlon. Now if ever you are looking to be inspired this is an event to watch….cycling with one leg or one arm, or running with your complete trust in your guide because you’re blind or being carried into the water to begin your race because your legs don’t work at all….these guys defy all odds to become Triathlon world champions.

So after an inspirational afternoon, I mosied back to the hotel contemplating the things that I am grateful for…some which I miss here…like toilets that are not just a hole in the ground….but all in all feeling good.

The triathlete’s lifestyle can be quite lonesome and often all I have is my iPod for a pick-me-up. Whilst updating it tonight I wondered if you – yes YOU – could let me know what music track is your ‘pick-me-up’ tune, or what would compile your inspirational/motivational playlist? Comments Please 🙂

Well Goodnight/ Bon Soir China

Lisa x


  1. aunti jody

    excitedly following you on your adventure!! best pick me up song “i just want to celebrate” by rare earth, that groovy american rock band from the 70’s. your cousin eli recovering from iniguional hernia repair 2 weeks ago today-he ran for the first time last night-slowly and carefully he assures me! and is on the mend 🙂 your cousin jilli away at her first semester of college, loves everything about it and i will be lucky to see her before thanksgiving break in november!! lots of love, and thank you for keeping a blog, so your interested family can experience your excitement! best of luck and love from hahira leonards

  2. needaweesitdown

    the foo fighters – ‘pretender’ makes me run awfully fast (for 3 mins) at least!
    ali in the jungle by the hours is a BRILl running track… church by t-pain…firework by katy perry also ace
    Anyway – good to read your updates. What an amazing trip!

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