September 10th – Well it may be China but the weather is like Aberdeen!!!

Day 4 in China and it’s been chucking it down all day!! A bit unfortunate for the Sprint distance Triathletes who braved the cold and rain this morning! The rain however, didn’t stop there….it went on….and on…and on…..

It did not hold back our two english lads – the beloved Brownlee brothers (whose training grounds I believe are usually the yorkshire dales, so a bit of rain and mud but nothing they weren’t used to!!). The brothers dominated the race finishing with a strong gold for Alistair and a close 3rd for Jonny. The pair are honestly phenonemol to watch…wish I could hold that pace for 1k nevermind 10k!! Still after a few more track sessions with my Total Endurance buddies and I’ll be there 🙂

Well after racking my bike into a flooded transition area and being assured again that it will be sunny tomorrow and it will STILL be a non-wetsuit swim (not convinced tbh) I walked most of the way back to hotel until a lovely german couple gave me a lift the rest of the way.

I’ve now laid out my kit and eaten dinner and now just trying to chill out and focus. Easier said than done that’s for sure but I’ll get there. … i hope….

3.30am start for breakfast…walk to event at 4.30am for 5am transition open and 6.35am  start….

Goal for tomorrow: Season goal has been top 10 at worlds so that would be nice, but anything other than last, 4th or 11th would be nice! Try and swim faster so the gap to chase down is a little smaller. Absolutely boss the run starting steady and get faster and faster….mantra to repeat during the run ‘Run like a kenyan, keep strong, stay fast’

now I’m stalling and hoping that if I keep typing it’ll postpone tomorrow a little longer. Tomorrow…the result of months and months of hard work and the support of so many very special people. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and believing in me. Please God don’t let me let anyone down!!



ps thanks for your running tracks – comments today: What is your training/racing Mantra?


  1. Mama Watt

    You won’t let anyone down, because you are already there and it has taken so much determination, training and guts to get this far. We love and support you no matter what happens tomorrow (tonight here!). HOWEVER, we WILL all be sending strong messages about FOCUS, STRENGTH and even more DETERMINATION! Love you lots and will be there is spirit every stroke, pedal and stride xxx

  2. Jen

    have an amazing race! i think the worlds are cursed with rain – just think of budapest last year. hope to see you at another early next year and if not enjoy all your travels and may see you at the worlds 2012 if my funds and qualifying allow. Enjoy 🙂 x

  3. Jessica Leonard

    I LOVE YOU GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can do it, you really deserve to do well, ill be thinking of you tonight (your morning!!) and sending good vibes to you in china! everyone believes in you, so just go all out and swim, run and cycle like you never have before! 🙂 jess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Ingrid

    Good luck girlie!!!! You’ll be great – keep that mantra going and stay focussed. (I’m not posting mine on here, I’ll tell you when you get back!!!). Will be thinking loads about you and sending lots of positive vibes. You’ve done all the hard work now just go and race yer wee socks off and enjoy it all as much as you can. Lots of love and hugs, ingrid (ps. nice relaxing massage for you when you get back) xxxx

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