Back to Basics

Hello blogging world!

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post so apologies for that, but here I am, back to the drawing board, back to studying, back to basics.

BACK TO BASICS – this title I chose for this post as it kind of signifies where I am just now with training, studying, working, everything! Autumn/Winter is a familiar time for athlete’s to come back to the basics; a time to put all the recent months powerful and chaotic training to bed and physically and mentally re-group. A time to analyse, criticise and strutinise technique, to bring the intensity back down and increase the duration, and to ultimately bring the enjoyment back to training. With this comes the enjoyable ‘Sunday Group Ride’ with my interesting and wonderful teammates from Total Endurance. Hours and miles covered every sunday at a steady pace, with chat of last night’s x factor (mainly from me), goals and dreams for the season to come, memories and significant race stories from the season just passed, meandering through the most beautiful countryside of our beloved Scotland. I must say this attitude will probably change in the week’s to come as the temperature plummets, wind speed picks up and snow, sleet and rain darken the once vibrant surroundings….. aaahh good old Scotland!

In other news, I have started up a physiotherapy clinic in Aberdeen, working a couple days per week, with room to expand with demand if necessary. This is another step in the ‘back to basics’ campaign. ‘Do what you know’. I have been studying for these American exams for some time now, but with paperwork and admin issues hindering progress, I realised that things were taking longer than initially projected.

So, in the mean time, I am Lisa Leonard BSc (Hons) MCSP, available for physiotherapy at Run4It. Please see my new page and feel free to contact for details! 🙂

With the end of season by, I’d like to take a quick moment to sum up this years’ achievements:

  • 5th AG World Championships, Beijing China
  • 5th AG European Championships, Pontevedra Spain
  • Ranked No1 overall for Standard Distance, STA Rankings
  • Ranked No2 overall for Sprint Distance North, STA Rankings
  • 1st Inverurie, Westhill and Huntly Triathlon in Aberdeenshire series
  • 6th Scottish TTT Championships with Laura Sarkis and Cathy Wyse
  • New PB for 10TT, 25TT
  • Won Glegg Trophy 🙂

Overall a fairly successful season with highs and lows as always – LOW point at Huntly Tri being directed the wrong way by local youth, getting lost and then having to find my way back and onto the right course! High point to that was still coming first but highlights goal for next season to make sure I know the course!!!!


Well, off to swim, run and study now! 🙂

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