May 7th – Viva Las Vegas

Well here is the first update from my new home in Henderson, Nevada. I use the term ‘home’ loosely as I’m actually just staying in a hotel for a month whilst finding my feet/looking for a house/starting to work and EARN MONEY!!!

Have already caught a bit of sun after day one… word what a difference cycling around the place in 40mph WITHOUT rain and sleet!! Talking of cycling, I put my bike together earlier today, and my wheel/tube properly blew up. Now maybe not a big deal back home but when you move somewhere where people are allowed to keep guns and a city where CSI murder investigation show features….well you can imagine the words and jumping flat to the floor action that accompanied. Strangely no-one actually came to my room. Concerning or????

Well apart from building bike, going to gym, cycling to supermarket, cycling to a potential house, getting a chest x-ray, getting a physical exam from Dr Pringle, doing a drug test (yup the pee in the cup kind) and meeting some of my new colleagues, I didn’t really get up to much else. Oh, I did try to set up an online bank account…. think I managed, but no confirmation yet. Might go and check out the hotel’s hot tub…..

Need to find new training clubs/people this week……..



  1. Mama Watt

    Good to know you have accomplished so much already! Looking forward to the updates and a skype call sometime this week!? 🙂 xx

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