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February 9 – patiently waiting….

First of all, can’t even believe it’s February already! Where does the time go?! Anyway, amongst other things I am currently patiently waiting for a phone call or text or telegram or more appropriately stork, as my baby sister is expecting her first baby, making me nearly an aunty for the first time!!! Seeing as we’re now past her due date, I find myself twitching any time  the phone goes just in case! Wow what a nerve racking time…..praying that everything goes well and that mother and baby are safe and healthy 🙂

So….I am still patiently waiting on an exam date, however my time is more consumed by studying and the frantic panic that seems to accompany studying for such a big exam!! Hoping to get over in the next couple of months BUT IN THE MEAN TIME I have got fed up of not planning any races so have entered Stirling Duathlon (25th March) and contemplating Dambuster Duathlon (10th March with super Iron girl Laura Sarkis). Having to competed in Duathlon for a number of years due to my panic and dislike for running, I have overcome said issues and feel confident now more than ever in my running ability. Saying that I do feel it ironic that just as I decide to compete at 70.3 distance I enter a 3k race, and finish first female! Spanner in the works or what?!

Weather has been dire….I don’t think I’ve been out cycling with the team on a Sunday THIS YEAR!!! This is something I will definitely not miss when living in the USA! Hopefully as we progress into February and March the Ice will dissipate and due to our excessive Turbo training/watt bike training/ and spin classes Team Total Endurance will absolutely dominate the cycling scene!! If you don’t train with anyone just now or have been putting off going to that local group GO NOW!!! Training with other like-minded mental triathlon types motivates you like nothing else; the environment, the atmosphere (sweaty yes), the competition, the satisfaction and sense of achievement of absolute commitment to the set is a feeling like none other!

I have had some recent issues with food and training which I am going to create a poll about. For those who don’t know, I have coeliacs disease which limits me to a gluten free diet and leaves me with some symptoms of IBS also. This makes fuelling, recovery and race prep tricky at times. Even breakfast can turn into a constant struggle, so anyone out there with any GF tips or advice for athletes, I would welcome them warmly!!

Other than that, that’s all there is to say for this affa’ driech day in Aberdeen city!

Lisa x 

Friday 13 January – Happy New Year… here’s to 2012…

2012 …. a year to start again, to build on goals not yet accomplished and put aside the stresses and strains of 2011

2011 is going to be difficult to beat, graduating, excellent positions in triathlon european and world level events and making a comeback to the stage, however 2012 has the potential to be even bigger….

I am getting there with these american conversion exams, slowly but surely…. and I hope to be over there within the next couple months. Have stopped making deadlines and just working hard in the hope that hard work will indeed pay off!!

I am currently in a dilemma with triathlon. Olympic vs 70.3?!?!?

After meeting professional triathlete Bella Bayliss (yes I am name dropping!) at the Lumphanan Detox 10k (where I came 2nd senior TO Bella Bayliss) I am even more tempted to make the jump to 70.3 distance. I have always been ambitious and want to become the best I can be….can I become the best at Olympic distance – realistically without my swimming improve a LOT, probably not; can I become the best I can be at 70.3 or indeed Ironman? Why am I more confident about saying yes to this, a distance double or quadruple what I’m used to??! Anyway, time is ticking, it’s already nearly half through January and decision time must be now! The year is shaped around this decision so can’t be taken lightly. Just need to make a decision and believe it is what I am meant to do this year…… if anyone would like to give any tips advice to help me that would be great!

Life is about living, living for today, ‘no day but today’, but its also about dreaming and chasing your goals and ambitions…

So before going any further into this potentially incredible 2012 I WILL make a choice, just not sure which it’ll be yet. Maybe I’ll find out at the track tomorrow…..

Happy 2012 everyone 🙂 let’s make it amazing

Lisa x

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

Holiday’s are Coming 🙂 ’tis the season to be merry, enjoy the company of our family, friends and loved ones, eat until we are forced to lie down and be VERY still until the over eating feeling passes – maybe that’s just me?! – and to look back over this past year as we prepare for the next….2012 baby!!

2011 has been an incredible year full of joy, sadness, successes, huge obstacles, incomprehensible stress levels, moving house too many times to count and I owe a lot of it to the wonderful people in my life, the people who have supported me and stood by me through thick and thin.

The financial climate has been dire yet again, but nevertheless with the support of the following companies, sponsorship enabled me to travel to China to compete in the AG World Triathlon Championships. For this I’d like to say a very special thank you to Freelance World, Run 4 It and to  McIntosh Plant Hire, I really appreciate your support and could not have made it there without you!!

Secondly, but by no means inferiorly, my thanks goes to all of my personal sponsors who contributed by sponsoring me and my Mum across the Lairig Ghru, by sending generous donations and believing in me also. Your kind words and support were taken with me to Beijing, and truly helped me through the actual event. 

I know I have previously said my thanks to all these people but I felt they were worthy of further recognition!

2011 was the year I also graduated from the Robert Gordon University with a 2.1 in Physiotherapy. I have since been working through various steps to allow me to travel stateside to employment in America – no mean feat by any account, and I still have a way to go but getting there slowly and surely. I also returned to the stage as a dancer in FAME and as the lead role of sell-out show Shhh… the Musical down in the Fringe in Edinburgh. Was good to be performing again!!

So, to round off a great year I am looking forward to spending Christmas with family, hopefully catching up with old friends, and enjoying the snow….whenever it comes….up in the hills.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a magical New Year!! 

I promise next post will be less reflective, and far more witty 🙂

Stay cool, 

Lisa xxx

Rain Rain Go Away

Miserable seems the most fitting way to describe today’s weather and general ambience. It is a Friday but I seem to have lost that ‘Friday Feeling’ in amongst the stress of trying to find another part time job to tide me by, stressing about these american exams and when they’ll be, stressing over a tax bill that I’m sure I’m not due but seeing as its taken 7months to reply to my last letter, it doesn’t appear to be settling any time soon! Stressing over months and months, years in fact, of working so hard, trying to be the best at everything I do, giving 100% commitment to various projects, and leaving little time for relaxing, all to be stuck in limbo. No way of planning ahead when I don’t know where I’ll be in 6months time – will I be here, will I be in America, will I have changed direction completely?! Being stuck in this limbo scares me and panics me, because I have absolutely no control over when things will happen. So what do I do?

I keep faith and believe. Believe that everything will work out if I continue to work hard towards my goals, keep focussed and have faith that things will fall into place. Faith and belief are so often associated with religion, dismissed by those who don’t follow any particular religion or cult, but faith and belief are what makes the world go round. We all need a little faith and belief, whether that be in ourselves, in our family, in our friends, in our work, in society, in humanity… not a lot, just enough to keep us going, keep me going. I’m not overly religious, but I believe that things will work out. I have faith that my hard work, commitment and sacrifice have all been worth it and that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, a light that’s been waiting for me.

So on days like this, where the skies are grey, my shoes are wet, my finances are depressing, studying feels endless, I close my eyes….. remember that everything will be ok….. smile….. breathe….. and get on with it. 🙂