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26th November – Getting back in the saddle…

I write this post as a ‘return’ if you will to my blog that I have failed to update for the longest time. It subsequently times in with the start of training regularly again, hence the double meaning of ‘back in the saddle’…. ok Ive been away but my jokes/puns are still terrible.


I feel as if I’ve been on a rollercoaster lately. Not a rollercoaster in fact…a runaway train….wallace and gromit style, whereI’m frantically trying  to lay new track before I crash or completely go off the rails. They say there are certain things in life that evoke a higher stress level; I thought I’d left that in 2012 when I left home, moved halfway across the world to a place I didn’t know. Well this year I bought a house. The entire process was and continues to be stressful! From the very first moments with frantic texts and phone calls between my realtor and friend Scott Beaudry of Universal Realty, Las Vegas, to signing a mortgage, to renovating from top to bottom on my own (with a little help from my friends), to moving, to turning a house into a home… It seems the work is never done and there will always be a ‘project’ to be done, but as so many people have told me:

“Welcome to the world of being a home-owner”. Brilliant.

However, leading up to Thanksgiving this Thursday I really feel extremely thankful for the wonderful people who have helped me to this point, who give me those extra pieces of track and who help to slow me down and realise, “there will be tomorrow”.

So as I continue to finish these little DIY projects, try and ignore that my heating doesnt work (I figure Im saving money so it wont hurt…) and try desperately to relax, slowing this train down to a manageable velocity, I should say that I am thankful for my health, a roof over my head and the love and support from my global family.

I hope that each day at some point you can take a minute and acknowledge something that is positive in your life or that you are thankful for

Off to jump on my bike for some power and pain

It’s good to be back

Lisa x

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